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Home Alone w/ Josh Itiola

Physical spaces are some of the most interesting and enjoyable spaces to be in for me.  One of my favorite quotes about spaces came from Sophie in the film “Francis Ha”. When she came over to visit Francis at Lev and Benji’s house. She took a look around their apartment, and said “It’s just this apartment is very …. aware of itself”. That resonated with me and how I feel about spaces. They can speak to you without anybody saying a word. They can tell what you value, what you love by just the things you keep out for yourself to see. Artwork, family photos, ornaments, furniture, etc.  It’s truly amazing how our influence on a space can affect change and even thinking in others. When I have people over, I want them to ask questions about our home, about the objects inside it, to look closely to the surroundings. I want them to dive deeper into that connection they already are making in their head.

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