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A note from the director:

As a filmmaker, I've always wanted my work to speak for marginalized communities. Angela Davis is an iconic figure who not only fought racial discrimination in the prison system but also spoke and speaks about the black women who are being marginalized and the consequent unfair distributions of opportunities in the United States. I wanted her voiceover in the film to highlight women and advocacy for the black community. I also wanted to portray Angela Davis in a humanistic manner.

— Emmanuel Afolabi

Angela is premiering tonight as part of Futura Noir in Soho, NYC. We're premiering it here for the out-of-towners. 


Director and cinematographer: Emmanuel Afolabi

Angela: Della Orrey

AD: Lipmann Wong

AC: Elsa Riviere

PA: Shunsuke Funakoshi

Edited by Maya Rivera

Photographer: Rayneutron

Wardrobe Stylist: Liana Vine

Additional cast: Jennifer Abu, Temi Ola, Pesi Therese

Music: “Free Angela” Composed by Todd Cochran, TOCO Music, ASCAP

Archival footages and research by Renata Cherlise of