reintroducing the regular


The Veil: A Recap

Words by Jessi Noel

Photos by Enki Tovuuch

On June 8th we had an event. And on June 27th we're still thinking about it. 

Not only were we proud to share the *out of this world, insane, phenomenal, immensely moving* work of Christian Padron, but we were also thankful. Thankful to everyone who came, to Apolis for hosting, OHYS for the sonic vibes, for the ones who donated and who shared the info with their friends. We worked on this event for months and to see it finally unfold was one of the most rewarding moments. But not more rewarding than a guest telling us that they finally understood what TYPICAL was about. That not only did the vision make sense to them but it became necessary for them to be a part of it. Y'all, I nearly cried. Here we were in New York, in the middle of Soho, with the sounds of Kendrick in the background, listening to people tell us the impact TYPICAL has had and is having on their lives. This is why we do it. 

So for those of you we got to meet, it was such a pleasure. And for those of you that couldn't make it, we're grateful it was even on your radar. And for those of you who are ready to reintroduce the regular...

... you know where to find us.

Here's a preview of what you missed: