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Meet & Greet

Words: Jessi Noel

Photos, Polaroids, and Photos of Polaroids: Rayneutron

So we hosted a meet and greet.

We had cheese, and wine, and pickles, and laughs. Shared vision and ideas, exchanged stories and contact information. We all wanted to be there — a major key to any function. 

For those of you who came out, thank you. For those of you who wanted to but couldn't make it, thank you. Thank you to our team. Thank you to our parents. Thank you to Ace Hotel for being so accommodating. Thank you to the couple who moved because our group was big and loud. And thank you to every single person that has visited this site, allowing themselves to be encouraged, challenged, or indifferent. We don't take your support for granted. As we prepare our minds for 2017 we look at these images and remember how lucky we are to do what we do, and how lucky we are make to new friends in a new city. 

Shout out to every basic person trying to showcase their greatness. We see you. 

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