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A Broad Range




Late one evening, or during lunch, an idea came to me to create a short film involving only women.

I am completely aware I am not the only person to use this approach but my personal lightbulb moment did seem special, so let me have it.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to bring to fruition. I sat down and wrote a script which was the easy part. I had some incredible actors/models/geniuses to form a killer all girl cast, a talented beauty of a filmmaker, and a costume designer who can style in her sleep. Even the event space coordinator of our filming location was a girl! Go girls! The only boy was the photographer, which is my husband, which means we’re one, which still means “go girls!”.

We got together to discuss character development and it helped me to remember the beautiful craft that is acting. The ability to create a new self in familiar settings. A film date was set and before we knew it we were drinking coffee in my kitchen at 7 in the morning while doing hair and make up.

It was my directing debut so of course I was more nervous than everyone else but ironically it was over stuff like, “Did I buy enough grapes for people to snack on?” or “Do they know where the bathroom is?”. I’m sure it will be a different vibe when I direct at Paramount.

But even with all of the nerves and glitches it was still a beautiful feeling to be surrounded by such talent and generous hearts. No one made me feel dumb, no one was uncomfortable, and no one was texting! Huge success in my book.

So as you gaze at these epic photos and watch this lovely film keep in my mind the people who made it possible. Because of them I am able to share with you one of my proudest moments.

Again, go girls!

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