reintroducing the regular


Reintroducing The Regular

What up, y’all?!

We write this after just indulging in homemade Brazilian food in a hot house surrounded by friends, deep thoughts, and laughter at a small kitchen table. This is the vibe I would like to live in all the time: easy, relational and conversational. And why cant we? Why is it so hard for us to sit down over a heavy meal and fill our ourselves with delicious food and delicious discussion? TYPICAL still believes it is possible and we aren’t as far from this as we think. So as you peruse around the site today, keep that in mind. Maybe you aren’t in a hot kitchen eating the best Brasilian food of your life, but you can create a space with food and friends and discuss what is typically on your minds in a way that feels like “old times”. That’s what we’ll be doing. Hanging out with the regulars.




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