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Illustrated Conversation with Lajethro Jenkins

Illustrations and reflections by Lajethro Jenkins

Header portrait by Adrian Walker

I was born in St. Louis, but I've moved to like 5 different states. Came back to STL to finish school and become a better human. Just recently moved to Atlanta to attend art school.


STL taught me how to be me. It is the foundation of me as a person and influences every single thing I do in life.  The way I breathe air is STL. I've been in ATL like 3 months- I wouldn't say it inspires my work yet, but it does inspire me to get my shit together. I've never seen more prosperous Black people.  There's no excuse not to get yours out here.


Yes! I love 'Calvin And Hobbes'. Bill Watterson was an absolute genius. He snuck so many life lessons in his "children's" comic strip.  I was in elementary school learning about the oddities of humanity. That's insane to me. I couldn't even fully appreciate him until I became an adult. 

To be honest, fear. Putting something out you created is scary. That shit is personal. Everything I put out is a reflection of myself. I'm always scared whether people are gonna appreciate it. In the end I just say "fuck it", and put it out. If it isn't received as well as I hoped, at the least I'll learn from it. The worst thing you can do in life is nothing. And as my mom always says," Don't be afraid to make mistakes, big head." 


Ain't nothing dead, man. Things just change and nobody on earth is good with change. People love saying hip hop is dead. Nah, g.
You're just old or unwilling to evolve with the genre, which is fine. Just don't be a weirdo and say it's dead because you don't like it. I wish that was dead.


"St. Elsewhere" by Gnarls Barkley. Listened to that song for like a week straight when I first heard it. Hit me so hard I could hardly breathe. Literally. Thought I was having an asthma attack. I have the best family and friends in the world. And I'm surrounded by love and have a blast every time we hang out. But my favorite place in the world is in my own brain. Been like that since I was a kid.  Would go home after school, close my door, lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling for hours.